Herencia Judía en España y Portugal

Our Mission

ROOTS OF SEFARAD is a not-for-profit cultural organization (Spanish Ministry of the Interior registration number 595483) .  Our objective is the study, dissemination and transmission of Iberian Jewish history and culture.  Our main activity is the organization of in-depth guided tours of Jewish Spain and Portugal.  To complement our tours, we also offer optional seminars on Sephardic history and culture. While these activities have been designed with the general public in mind, they are also especially appropriate for educators and students of Jewish history.  

What makes us unique

We are very highly specialized; we do not offer general tours of Spain and Portugal, or Jewish tours of other countries.  We chose the name ROOTS OF SEFARAD® because in-depth Jewish Heritage tours of Spain and Portugal, is all we do.  Before designing a tour, we do extensive and intensive on- and off-site research into all the cities and towns that we visit.  As a result, we have discovered many little-known places, facts and stories, even in towns and cities that are usually included on Jewish Heritage tours. 

Of course, we will take you to the most well-known sites, in cities such as Toledo, Cordoba, Barcelona....  But we will also show you secret places there and tell you stories about them that few people know.  And you will visit little-known towns that have played an important role in Jewish history.  Because many of these are somewhat off the beaten track, and have not yet been exploited for tourist purposes, in some of them you can still see neighborhoods that have remained practically unchanged since Jews lived there more than 500 years ago. 

A comprehensive experience

We do not limit our tours to explaining the physical aspects of Jewish Spain and Portugal, but rather have designed them to be a global experience. We delve into Jewish history and also visit modern Jewish communities. And since these Jewish sites do not exist in a vacuum,   we also visit other interesting places along the way, many of which are cultural gems that are rarely seen by foreigners. 

You will

  • experience the rich cultural heritage of Iberia by visiting Roman and Moorish as well as Jewish sites
  • see ancient curiosities and modern wonders
  • taste typical Spanish and Portuguese food and also eat in Kosher restaurants

We are very excited by all that we have discovered about Jewish Spain and Portugal, and we look forward to sharing our enthusiasm and knowledge with you, to make your Jewish Heritage journey of discovery to Sepharad a rich and rewarding one.