Herencia Judía en España y Portugal

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Linda Jimenez Glassman

Linda Jimenez Glassman

Linda Jimenez Glassman, our Managing Director, is an Ashkenazi Jew originally from New York.  She has a B.A. in Spanish and Master’s degree in American Studies.  After finishing college, Linda moved to Madrid, where her entire professional life has been devoted to education.  She has taught English as a Foreign Language at the U.S. Cultural Center (later ACHNA—Spanish-North American Cultural Association), developed and coordinated the English program at Madrid’s Carlos III University, and coordinated programs for visiting Indonesian teacher-trainers, whom she accompanied during their studies and travel in Spain. In 1994 she became a member of the English Philology department of the Complutense University in Madrid.  

Linda is an active member of the Jewish community in Madrid.  She was a charter member of Hebraica Madrid Cultural Association and served for several years on its Board of Directors.  She has contributed to the on-line newspaper European Jewish Press ( ), and since 2005 has directed a weekly program in English on Radio Sefarad, the Internet radio station of the Federation of Spanish Jewish Communities.  You can hear her “English Corner” at  

 Ami Barr

Ami BarrAmi Barr, our Program Director, is a Sephardic Jew who grew up in Venezuela, as part of a community that had emigrated there from Curaçao, the oldest Jewish settlement in the New World.  As a child he heard about Jewish life in “the old country”, Spain, where Jews had rubbed shoulders with nobility and been advisors to kings.  These romantic stories fired his imagination, and his desire to learn more about history in general, especially the history of the Jews in Spain.   

At the age of 23 his passion for Judaism and Jewish history led him to move to Israel, where he studied Jewish History and Archeology at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  He became a state-certified guide for both the Society for the Protection of Nature and the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. Ami speaks four languages (English, Spanish, Hebrew and French) and has been guiding both international and local groups in Israel for more than two decades.

Ami’s desire to delve into his own roots brought him to Iberia, where he has travelled extensively, studying Jewish history and historical sites in depth. Drawing on his background in history and archaeology, he has discovered many “secrets” and stories about Jewish history and culture that were previously unknown, even to students of Jewish Spain and Portugal.  He also found that many scholars and others were eager to share their local knowledge with him.  Because of his reputation as a serious historian and spellbinding storyteller, the Israeli Ministry of Education has called upon him to guide official trips in Spain for Israeli educators.  Ami will not only give you the historical facts about the places we visit, but also the human stories behind them.  He is passionate about Sepharad, and his enthusiasm is contagious.