Jewish Heritage in Spain and Portugal

Estoril (SP)


The planned transformation of this area began in the early 20th century, due not only to its proximity to the sea, which was starting to be a focus of attraction, but also to the existence of thermal springs, at that time much in vogue (they are currently closed).  The center of this new luxury resort was the Park and the Casino (Estoril´s trademark).

Estoril was previously known for the several forts along the coastline which ensured the defense of one of the possible entries to Lisbon, and for the Retreat built here by the Mendicant Order of Franciscan Friars in the 16th century, now the Salesian College. 
In the 1930s Estoril became one of Portugal´s main tourist centres, and the chosen place of exile for many deposed European monarchs, including Miklós Horthy, the regent of Hungary; Umberto II of Italy and Carol II of Romania. Juan de Borbón, pretender to the Spanish throne and his son, now King Juan Carlos I of Spain, also lived in Estoril

During the Second World War it was the refuge of writers, politicians, artists, businessmen and many Jews persecuted by the Third Reich.

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