Jewish Heritage in Spain and Portugal

Guadalupe (S)

City Profile Guadalupe, SpainAt the end of the 13thcentury, we are told, a shepherd found a statue of the Virgin that had been hidden by Christians fleeing from Seville during the Moorish invasion.  A monastery was built on the site, and the town of Guadalupe grew up around it.  By the 15th century, it had become Spain’s most important pilgrimage shrine, which it still is to this day. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 1993.

So why do we include it in a tour of Jewish Spain?  Abraham Senior, one of the most important Jewish personages at the time of the expulsion (see Segovia), was baptized here.  In this, the holiest of Spanish monasteries, for a few decades the majority of the monks were conversos, until the Holy Office–the Inquisition–found out about it and descended with a vengeance on the town…