Jewish Heritage in Spain and Portugal

Linhares da Beira (W)

This has been officially declared a Portuguese Historic Village. Its Jewish quarter can still be identified. There is a Manueline-style house near the center of town which used to be a synagogue. It communicated with the adjoining houses, of which only the doorways remain. Here it is possible to see the village's most beautiful Manueline-style window.



The Jewish quarter included the Direita (Procissão) Street and Passadiço (Judiaria) Street. Nowadays it is still possible to see some traces of it through the bevelled doorways scattered throughout the village and also through the Manueline windows. On the doorposts the new Christians' houses have crosses that protected them from the Inquisition. Even so, many trials were held against families with names such as Fernandes, Linhares, Nunes, Rodrigues, Froes, and Antunes.