Jewish Heritage in Spain and Portugal

Seville (S, SP)

City Profile Seville, SpainJewish history in this city goes back to the time of the Visigoths (6th century). Until the 8th century Seville prospered and the Jews who lived there were engaged in commerce, medicine and the dyeing industry. Its patios and narrow alleyways now have metal or stone crosses, erected by the authorities in the neighborhood where Jewish life once thrived.

Seville was the most important of the three tribunals of the Inquisition in Andalusia. In Saint George's Castle, built on the remains of an Arab fortress and used as a prison by the Inquisition, there were 26 secret cells which the Holy Office itself characterized as “dens of horror, stench and solitude”. The castle has recently been restored and now houses a modern interactive museum celebrating cultural diversity and tolerance.


Jewish Seville: