Jewish Heritage in Spain and Portugal

Tarazona (E)

City Profile Tarazona, SpainThe history of this town goes back to Roman times. In the 6th century it was one of the strongest fortresses of the Visigoths. In about 714 it was occupied by Muslims, and reconquered by the Christians four centuries later. The history of Tarazona is evidenced by its monuments and archaeological remains. Its well-preserved medieval walls, Mudejar convents and churches, and Renaissance and Baroque civic and religious buildings make this town truly unique.

There is evidence of Jewish presence here from the 12th century, although they probably first arrived during the Muslim conquest four centuries earlier.   After the reconquest of the city in 1119, Jews were protected by the ruling Christian kings until the establishment of the Inquisition in 1474. In the 13th-15th centuries, Jews played an important role in the administration of the city.

The historic center of Tarazona was declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1965.

Jewish Tarazona: