Jewish Heritage in Spain and Portugal

Tudela (E)

TudelaFounded in 802 by Amrus ibn Yusuf al-Muwalad under the mandate of King Hakan I, Tudela is one of the most important cities of Muslim origin in Spain and Europe. For more than 400 years, Muslims, Jews and Mozarabs coexisted, making the city a cultural melting-pot which is reflected in its historic buildings, winding streets, alleyways, walls and watchtowers.

From the middle of the 9th century there was a Jewish community here, located in the lower part of the town, near the Queiles river.  Three centuries later, King Sancho VI “The Wise” moved the Jewish neighborhood close to the walls of the castle, to afford the community greater protection.  The Jewish population prospered and grew during the 13th and 14th centuries.

Tudela produced a number of distinguished Jews, including Benjamin de Tudela, the most important medieval Jewish traveler; Abraham Ibn Ezra, 11th-century doctor, poet, grammarian, philosopher cabbalist and astronomer; and Yehuda Ha-Levi, considered to be the most important Hebrew medieval poet.


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