Jewish Heritage in Spain and Portugal

Valencia de Alcantara (W)

City Profile Valencia de Alc├íntara, SpainLocated on the Spanish-Portuguese border, the area was first settled during the Neolithic period, as evidenced by its collection of 41 dolmens, which constitute the best megalithic site in Europe. The remains of a network of roads, an aqueduct, and two bridges attest to Roman presence here.

Before the expulsion Jews, Christians and Muslims lived here peacefully; in 1492 the town was flooded with Jewish refugees fleeing Spain on their way to Portugal.

The Gothic Jewish Quarter here is the largest in the region and one of the best-preserved in Spain.  It encompasses 19 streets with more than 200 buildings, including the restored 15th-century synagogue, and was declared a National Historic-Artistic Site in 1995.